How many things are created in peoples minds on any given day?

Dan and I have certainly been contributing vastly to that number during the past few years. Ideas form and are talked about – some of them are discarded and some of them stay and develop further.


Dan started his first solar system in his farmhouse in 1998. A pioneer during those days – we now know that this is probably one of our few energy sources that will not run out in the near future! He just might be a pioneer again and we think we found the perfect place for our solar panels with good exposure on top of the pergola that will be added to the SANTUARIO HIBISCUS.


Another idea takes more and more shape – a garden, not only for flowers but also to plant and grow vegetables. Franziska has been following the idea and ideology of slow food for a number of years and travelling in Ecuador, she came across a little hidden shop in a side street of Quito that was part of that movement.  They call Carlo Petrini – the man who inspired the idea – a seducer, the Don Juan of the food world. We think Slow Food should be part of our planning and creation of SANTUARIO HIBISCUS. So much of its philosophy and our ideas seem to be one and the same.


What better than to relax with a soothing massage after a hike to the nearby waterfalls? Some might find themselves in an environment that inspires to take up these yoga poses that they know makes their bodies feel so much more limber…There is plenty of room for those activities at the SANTUARIO HIBISCUS.

We work hard to make your life a little easier for a few days!

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