New Beginnings


Our flight leaves on September 1st, 2010! We depart from Seattle, WA in the morning and arrive in Quito at 11pm. The time difference to the west coast of the United States is only 3 hours – this will spare us from major jet lag!

With only a few clothes and our toiletry bags in our suitcases, a laptop case slung over our shoulders, we try not to think of the ship, that holds our container with all our worldly belongings!


Getting through immigration and customs should only take a few minutes – unless they have several delayed planes that all land at the same time! In which case we are talking several hours…but knowing our way to an inexpensive hotel where we will spend the night helps keep things in the right perspective!


Since we do not know when we are going to be in the capital again, we want to take care of a few things. There is a place that sells biodegradable soap that we want to check out. We’re shopping not so much to compare prices with another supplier – this is the only place in Ecuador that sells these products – but to see how and where they deliver! There is also a place that sells solar systems and we want to see if we can get batteries, wires, etc. Some time will be spent on checking out flights to Cuenca – the town and airport closest to where we are going to live. We think to spend a second night in Quito to catch our breath…

Time permitting, we would love to visit the family we stayed with during our last trip or just relax with a drink at our favorite bar…

Having a positive attitude and a lot of faith is the only way we think one can succeed in an adventure like this!

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