Santuario Hibiscus

Missing Attachment


Escape your troubles and worries or simply take a break from your travels and discover a little oasis located in a developing community. With its settings and colorful gardens the SANTUARIO HIBISCUS seduces you to step into a slower, more harmonious rhythm and allow yourself to be pampered.

With its comfortable temperatures and temperate climate no one would suspect its altitude of 5000 ft (1,500m). Leaving Cuenca driving through the beautiful Yunguilla Valley you’ll reach La Unión with its few houses after about an hour’s drive. A short distance up the hill and you are on the doorsteps of SANTUARIO HIBISCUS.

The rustic style of the existing house blends well into its surroundings. The 2.5 acres of land at present grow banana, orange, lemon and avocado trees – even a little coffee plantation with 1,500 coffee plants. Bougainvillea grow next to Geranium, Cactus, Lilies, Roses and it is not uncommon to encounter Orchids!


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We created a sustainable complex emphasizing alternative energies, composting, recycling and water conservation. We hope to encourage an awareness for the environment by creating healthy surroundings that attract wildlife.

We use local goods and services whenever possible with the intention to contribute to people’s daily lives and to ultimately create incentives to be more conscious of the beauty surrounding them.

Fresh, local and homegrown food and sincere service are intended to add to your experience.


Four guest rooms – individually decorated each with its own bathroom. A living room with big windows that open the view to the courtyard and patio, a dining room and a meditation/massage room – complete the house.

A hammock area that invites to read or just relax, contemplate and listen to the birds; generous greenery with an abundance of flowers and trees are an integral part of our establishment.


Camp under banana- and orange trees on soft grass, park your expedition vehicle on our parking lot or use our budget room (toilet and shower outside the room) and spend a few relaxing days at the Santuario Hibiscus. We provide all meals upon request.