A handicap accessible room, camping & budget accommodation

After a long break the news is back with lots and lots of exciting and fun stuff!

!NEW! The handicap accessible suite is making huge progress and we hope to host our first guests within weeks! People that want to be a bit more private and separated from the rest of the visitors or someone having difficulties walking stairs will enjoy this addition!
A huge window opens the view into greenery and the mountains – if you stretched your arms out far enough you could even pick a ripe lemon! The layout of the bathroom is generous and a built in bench provides a comfortable spot to rest. A non-slippery tile helps prevent a nasty fall!

!NEW! Since April 2016 we offer the possibility to camp at the Santuario Hibiscus. There are several areas to set up a tent on our property but our favorite spot is by the house on a big grassy area. There is a toilet and a new hot water shower provided for those visitors. We prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner at an additional cost.

People that travel for months – sometimes years – can park/service/clean their vehicles and take a break from it all. A nice hot shower, clean bathrooms and wireless internet will probably be welcome changes!

!NEW! We now feature a bedroom with shared bathroom and shower for the more cost conscious traveler.

These are all very affordable options and people get the full use of our property, our wireless internet and an opportunity to eat fresh and healthy food.


Our gardens have developed and matured beautifully and we never get tired looking at all the different shades of green.

New permaculture elements have been added all over the property – swails, hugelkulturen and tons of mulching. There is for example what we call our forest – a dry piece of land where we started to plant banana trees that would create overhead shade with their big leaves, pine trees, hibiscus, mulberry trees, orange trees and lots of different ornamental shrubs and plants. The heavy mulching prevents the ground from drying out and we do not have to water that area at all any more! All that is left to do is harvest the fruits…
A papaya and a yucca circle were added and they are prospering in two of the driest areas in the coffee plantation. Our hugelkulturen are planted in alfalfa as a cover crop and some of the squash that we sowed is getting ready to be harvested.

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  1. Charline Ahlgreen says:

    Hi, Franziska and Dan,

    It’s exciting to read about the changes to Santuario Hibiscus since our visit in July, 2014. We are eager to get back to Cuenca for good (and closer to your wonderful B&B hostel for some R&R again).

    We still talk about the various aspects of our 3 night stay with you at least 3 or 4 times a month: watching the coffee harvest/grinding process (and then having a cup of the delicious results!), relaxing in the hammocks, reading quietly on the second floor veranda, the FABULOUS shower in our triple room, marvelous meals (where we learned that beets can be eaten raw – now a delicious addition to our salads at home when we can find some that don’t cost an arm and a leg in the store!), the ease with which we fell asleep in the cool of the evening with the window open, the joy of waking up to birdsong and the smell of newly made coffee, and the friendly, pleasant charms of our hosts. We can’t wait to come back to visit!

    • Franziska says:


      How exciting to hear from you!! How are you? Tell us about your plans – are you planning on relocating?
      The SH has made considerable progress and we added some wonderful dishes to our menu. We smiled when we read about the beets – here and in Switzerland it is one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy – and soooo good for you!
      Let us know when you “get close”…
      Fran & Dan

  2. Susannah says:

    Hi there,
    My co-worker Janet stayed with you a few weeks ago and from her photos, I knew that I’d love your place as much as she did. I sent you 2 messages by this website over the last few days, but haven’t gotten an answer yet. I was wondering about the price of your new budget room, and its availability.
    Thanks, and happy new year!

    • Franziska says:

      Dear Susannah,

      Thank you for contacting us!
      Our budget room costs $20. We serve an ample breakfast at an additional cost of $5. The room is available at this point. Please communicate with us through info@santuariohibiscus.com or call us at 0994951067 (this is also my whatsapp number).
      Thank you,

      Fran & Dan

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