The outline of a 20’ container in our garage in Evans, WA is pretty much our world right now. After months of shopping for big and small treasures to bring with us we currently spend our days disassembling and bubble wrapping our possessions, writing inventory lists as well as planning for a yard sale and scheduling our flight to Quito.

The majority of the remaining time is spent on discussions on how to go about setting up our lives in Ecuador. All formalities to obtain our visa within a few weeks are taken care of – or so we think. We have our business license that also provides us with a possibility to sign up for healthcare.


Many challenges lay ahead of us. Upon our arrival in Cuenca we first need to find a place to stay for about a month to have time to buy a car and contact utility companies. Organizing to be set up for electricity and water will be essential but right now we feel that being connected to the internet and to have a phone is probably as important.

This all sounds rather straight forward but we tend to forget that this is written in our house in Evans, WA. where we just call someone in town and the odds of having things taken care of within a day or two are pretty good.

We now shift gears and remind ourselves why we chose a Latin country. Our attraction to that part in the world was, is and will be – hopefully for a long time to come – living at a slower pace and that just maybe our biggest challenge lays right there – PATIENCE.

It is hard to believe that what begun 6 years ago in a little school in Costa Rica (link to our story) has taken on shape and form and our departure is imminent.

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