The fruit of our labor

We are very excited! Our idea to create a small, sustainable oasis in this busy world took effect even before we knew…Even after all this time we are amazed at how fast nature develops, plants grow and wildlife returned to our property.
Butterflies, geckos and most of all birds – they enjoy our feeders and are a huge attraction with our guests. More and more travelers find their way to the Santuario Hibiscus and enjoy a few days off the beaten track – relaxing in a hammock, taking a stroll through our property or catching a fish for dinner!
Our first attempt at growing vegetables organically produced a considerable harvest – lettuce, coriander, radishes, broccoli and onions! These grew during the wet winter months (January – April); at this point we are back to harvesting oranges, bananas, avocados, limes & key limes. The herb garden produces lots of aromatic greens for our tomatoe sauces, salad dressings and teas!


Our employee Gonzalo and Dan are about to finish the outside BBQ and a new bodega. Once all the tools, odds and ends are moved the work on our new addition will start. The separate little house will become our handicap accessible room. Long evening talks made us realize that the setting would be ideal and with the addition of a bathroom we have a multipurpose suite…maybe even for someone’s honeymoon?

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