Santuario Hibiscus to Pasaje

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Semiarid zones, desert and jungle all within a few hours – this drive will leave you in awe of nature and all it has to offer!
The earlier you start the drive the better. The air is still cool and the light on the mountains and in the valley very soft. You start out at the Santuario Hibiscus at about 4500feet (1’500m) and descend into the valley. The winding road takes you into the Jubones desert. Vegetation gets sparse and you are surrounded by amazing rock formation! Descending into the canyon, following the Jubones river takes you in a matter of only 45 minutes to a greener and warmer jungle like area. Vegetation changes dramatically – you will see big tree ferns, palms and other tropical plants.
Getting closer to the coast the road is lined with banana plantations, prove to the fact that Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of bananas!

$20.00 per person including snacks and english speaking driver (1/2 day;minimum of 2 people)
$35.00 per person including snacks, lunch and english speaking driver (1/1 day; minimum of 2 people)

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