The first few months of “being in business”

FEBRUARY 15th 2012

What seemed like an ordinary Wednesday with greyish skies – was a very special day to Dan and I. Even though we did not open our doors with a big bang, we were very aware that this day was the result of many years of preparation, planning and hard work. Our first guests were scheduled to arrive the next weekend – excited and nervous we were preparing for their visit!
Since then we were fortunate enough to meet many interesting people. People that wanted to escape the city, relax from their daily lifes or simply have uninterupted time to read and sleep! Our guesthouse can be booked through worldwide reservation systems like, or We even have a first comment on Tripadvisor…!


In our last NEWS we talked about the kitchen getting a serious facelift…and it did!!
Our stove and oven long passed the test and our granite covered countertops help keep things clean. Many of our visitors choose to have lunch and/or dinner at the Santuario Hibiscus and our cocktails are becoming increasingly popular! Most meals are served in the patio at this time of year – some elect to have dinner in our indoor eating area.


Little strolls on our property, napping or reading are popular amongst our guests. Some chose to venture out a little farther and went for a walk further up our hill to enjoy the view. Some even went to the nearby Tienda (small store) to practice their Spanish with local people! Our little Spa is almost completed and we are looking for someone to do manicures, pedicures and massages. We think this will be the perfect complement for a relaxing stay at the Santuario Hibiscus.

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