The light at the end of the tunnel


The quiet days without cement dust and lots of people on our property already seem like a distant memory! We are back at demolishing walls and ceilings, planning, measuring and cementing. Parts of the roof came off to replace the old wooden structure with metal and to enlarge a dormer to allow more light in the future bathroom of room number 4.
All the doors and windows are already restored and painted and will occupy their old/new space in only a few weeks! We decided on a light green for the accent wall in the third bedroom. The pictures that will decorate the walls are mentally chosen – we just need to find them amongst all our earthly belongings! But as always there is still the cleaning and sanding of the beams – a task that we now know very well.


The lower and upper terraces are finally connected by a small walking path. We are eager to plant but want to test our watering system for a while to make sure everything works as planned. My morning walk down to the reservoir to feed the Tilapia fish became a lot more easy and enjoyable! Our pond keeps developing and we now have at least 4 generation Tilapia and lots of pollywogs. Lots of reasons for the kingfisher to hang around…


July and August brought about strong winds. What was probably the oldest tree on our property – a large, old and gnarled native tree has fallen victim to the gusts. It left a big void that will not be filled for many years to come. The tree trunk was hollowed out and decayed – its remains serve now as a container for bromeliads and orchids.

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