Where to stay in the Yunguilla Valley, Ecuador: Santuario Hibiscus

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  1. Patricia says:

    My partner and I are interested in Ecuador.
    We thought we would try Vilcabamba, however we decided against it because of the mosquitos and no-seeums.
    We are wondering what is your elevation and if you have mosquitos there?
    Also, what is the road like from Cuenca?
    Is it winding like the road into Vilcabamba?
    Thank you.

  2. Patricia Pace says:

    we are interested in visiting or possibly living in Vilcabamba. However, we have been deterred by the mosquito problem. How would Yunguilla compare? Is there any kind of community there? what is the water like? Is it as healthy living as Vilcabamba? We might want to come for a visit this winter.

    • Franziska says:

      Dear Patricia,

      We do not know Villcabamba enough to compare it to our area. We do have some Mosquitos – like everywhere in the tropics. I am allergic to them as well and I am doing fine here. I was very careful during the first year and always wore socks and long pants. My body got used to the occasional bite and the “new blood” seems to have lost its attraction.

      The road coming into the valley is very good but has lots of curves – probably the only way you can build a highway in a mountainous area.

      Water here is ok but we only drink the filtered version – also not to risk problems with our guests. The soil here is incredibly fertile and we harvest the whole year round.

      Cuenca is a very interesting city. Lots of museums, parks, a beautiful old town but more and more people are also finding it a bit on the chilly side.

      So, exploring for yourself is really the only way to find out…!

      Fran & Dan

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