The end of our renovation


We moved into bedroom number 3 a few days ago. This will be our home for the months to come until we get around to build a little cabin. As previously mentioned we chose a cool green for the accent wall. The room is very different compared to 1&2 – the ceilings aren’t as high but that very fact gives it a cozy and comfy feeling. The sun peaking through the green tree tops in the mornings is usually the first thing we see.
Bedroom 4 is ready for painting. Although yellow sounds quite tempting as our last accent wall color we are still debating. The rest of the old wooden boards will be used to put back this last floor and the leftovers are used for the floor in our future linen closet. The big bathroom window with a view of the mountains will probably prolong many morning showers…


One of the most important rooms and the last one to get a (serious) face lift is the kitchen. We’ve been cooking and doing dishes outside for the past 2 2/1 months – not unlike my camping vacations in Italy during my childhood. It is certainly the first time in our life’s that Dan and I wear sun glasses, a hat and even sunscreen to do dishes!
Taking down old tile we discovered more adobe walls and part of the original house. After putting all new plumbing and wiring, forming up our future counter top – Dan and Gonzalo poured cement as a base for the granite. A new stove, sink, faucet and a big oven wait in their respective cardboard boxes for installation. The old staff room that served as our first bedroom now has a new ceiling, the wooden beams were replaced with metal, the floor is tiled and it will serve as our kitchen pantry.


Another room that is almost finished is our eating area. The big table in the middle is the first piece of furniture that we brought from the US that has found its new and permanent place!

It feels so good to see things come together. We left Seattle on a foggy and cold November day almost exactly 2 years ago to travel to Ecuador to find our future home. The more time we spend in our SANTUARIO HIBISCUS, the more plants we plant and watch grow – the more we feel that we did find a very unique and special place!
SANTUARIO HIBISCUS will open its doors on Feburary 15th 2012.

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  1. Keith says:

    It looks fantastic !
    What a mountain of work you’ve done!
    Did you realize that you had 2 years of work ahead of you when you started ?
    More pictures, please ?

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