Sneak preview (2)


The future living room is ready to be furnished. Antique white walls, chocolate brown beams and a yellow accent wall give this space a warm, cozy and welcoming feel. The light that shines through the renovated windows is plentiful and our big ceiling fan is not only decoration but will help keep things cool during warmer periods.


The terraced walls below our courtyard will help prevent erosion. They are almost finished and parts of it already hold plants. The foliage with its different shades of green has a calming effect and a little bench invites to take a rest.
Specifically placed water lines help an even distribution of the water and a little rock path leads to the lower part of our property.

ROOMS 3 & 4

The second part of our renovation is moving right along and already our two last rooms are taking shape. Dan has replaced all electrical and sanitary installations and prepares to put the wooden floor back in.
Our future eating area is almost ready for clean up and painting and the remodel of the kitchen is within close reach…

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