Renovation in full swing


Maestro Patricio and his crew worked hard over the past few weeks and progress is clearly visible! Our first bed room took on its intended form and the sala (living room) is closed off to the upstairs. Dan rewired a good part of the house and we were able to have 220V installed – this supplies us with a much more stable current when solar energy is not available. We also found a store in Cuenca that sells good quality piping and insulation for the hot water part. When you turn on a faucet or the shower in the bathroom you will immediately have hot water – a rare commodity in Ecuador. This will increase the comfort of our guest and at the same time help conserve water!


To be able to use our irrigation water more efficiently and to insure availability of potable water at all times we decided to have a reservoir built. The water storage is underground – and we will have the laundry room with open air cloths drying on top. Solar panels on the roof of the drying room will supply the pump with enough energy to irrigate plants.


Remember that I talked about enlarging our gate in my last post? Well, the work is done and we can now comfortably accommodate a truck without destroying our gardens! We will soon be able to plant palm trees along the driveway and give another part of our property a personal note.


The amount of work these people do hear by hand is mind baffling and so many times we just want to step in and call for a break. I will let pictures tell you a little bit of what a day of construction looks like…

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  1. mitcho says:

    I really like looking at your posts on-line to be able to see the progress you have made. Keep up the good work!

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